Our Mission

Craitor aims to revolutionize the DoD supply chain by providing a central, digital supply chain and a decentralized, physical one.

The Craitor Difference

Craitor can fabricate military grade parts in any environment a solider may find themselves in. Our printer is drop resistant and is sealed against water, dust, and humidity. Typical manufacturing devices, like 3D printers, are extremely sensitive to external conditions and cannot survive transport through many of the environments our soldiers find themselves. By providing a conditioned internal environment, Craitor can print parts to specification with minimal training of operators.  Together with our part cloud network, Craitor can operate nearly autonomously in any environment; all a user needs to do is select a part and press print.

Our Impact

Beyond the Armed Forces

Craitor can revolutionize other industries like oil and gas, mining, research, and disaster relief.


Craitor has worked to develop our 3D printer with input from units with the US Marine Corps out of Camp Pendleton and Twentynine palms, and the US Navy our of San Diego Naval Base. We are supported by NSF I-Corps and The Basement at UCSD.